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Holiday over, kids getting bored, need something new to do?

I think I am going to make one of these out of the scrap from our backyard project and make cute bean bags from some scrap fabric. So fun.

Yard Toss Game Board

Instructions from Lowes here.

This one is a no brainer on the easy scale.

Backyard Frisbee® Golf

This is an inexpensive, simple, and engaging activity for all ages and skills. First, make certain you have three or four Frisbees®, small notepads, and pencils (for keeping score). Then design a six to nine-hole Frisbee® golf course in your backyard or neighborhood. Create copies of the “hole” list and hand them out to your friends and family.

Then let the fun begin! Individuals will throw the Frisbees® with a goal of hitting each of the “holes” in the fewest number of throws. “Holes” can be anything: hitting a tree, shrub or trash can. If you need more space move to the neighborhood park and designate “holes” as street signs, park benches and playground equipment.

You could also designate holes with brightly colored beach towels or baskets, the object being to land the Frisbee on or in these items for your score.
Frisbee® is a registered trademark of Wham-O, Inc.

Courtesy of Home Made Simple

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