Day Trips

Chino Hills State Park consists of over 65 miles of trails and 14,102 acres the park is managed as an open space habitat where all plant and animal life are protected. Chino Hills is vitally important as a refuge to many species of plants, and as a link between natural areas essential to the survival of many animal species. ( California State Parks website)

This is right in our backyard and we have never visited. Shame.

Visit your local parks. It's affordable, no long commute, stay the day or make it a quick camping overnight stay.

Get out and enjoy the weekend!


  1. Great idea Jan. I still regret all the terrific parks in CA that I never got to, or any other place I've lived. Why oh why can't we all be independently wealthy & play all day, every day? Happy weekend to you as well!!

  2. the gardeners cottageAugust 23, 2009 at 7:45 PM


    Good post. If it wasn't for day trips I wouldn't go anywhere at all! Thank goodness So. Calif. is loaded with great places you can see in a day.



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