Storage and Organizing

While perusing my favorite places this morning, I found some really great storage ideas.

Honestly, the first thing on my "to do" list today was to sort through the mail/bills pile and to get it organized in some manner. I can't find the auto insurance bill, I don't know how much to pay the electric co and where is my class schedule?

Now I know everyone has a junk basket or drawer of some sort, but this basket accommodates standard file folders and index cards. Organize and close the lid. Just a decorative basket sitting by your desk. I must find this. I will search AFTER I organize.

Nice looking and functional.

...incorporate the basket above in this shelf and have everything in one place. Mailing supplies, writing utensils, stationery, bills and important documents all in one tidy area.

This doesn't have much to do with my organizing chore, but what a great work space. I have been stalking craigslist for a drawing table for months. When I finally find one that is affordable and not beat to death I am going to shoot for this look.

How do you organize?
All images courtesy of BHG.


  1. I hate mail!!...but the best tip I know is to handle everyting ONCE. I put my bills in one basket, personal/social in another, catalog and magazines where I intend to read them, and junk straight into the trash. Sometimes I never even get inside with the junk mail. It goes straight to trash or recycle. Let us see it when you get it done!

  2. Thanks Susan!

    I try and toss the junk mail right into the recycling can too. It's the questionable things that pile up. Hmm, do I want to check out that new so and so... is this a bill or crap...etc...

  3. Hi Janet,

    I'm an organizational nut. There is something inside me that demands to be organized. I think I was born like this. I can remember being a little girl and lining up my school uniforms so they were in perfect order. I'm not that bad anymore, but I really love organized drawers and storage units. They just make me happy, I know I'm weird but hey what can I say. I too, take care of the mail right away. I have one drawer that keeps all the miscellaneous things such as receipts and articles that I want to read but I go through that drawer about once a month so it never really gets out of hand.


  4. I have a few folders that I keep separate important things in - like bank stuff, college admin etc.
    I stash those in a draw then use prettier solutions like vintage tins that can be kept on shelves to keep other bits and pieces.

    I love that first basket you have shown :)

  5. Compared with average folk, I suspect I'm pretty organized... But I'm still a total sucker for nice products and cute things to put stuff in! I can spend hours in those box/basket/container stores!


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