Easy Furniture Remakes

Most of us have either one or both of these items in our homes. If you don't happen to own one of these beauties they are common yard sale staples. Here are two really creative makeovers.

An old TV armoire turned into a great workspace. More here...

A pretty surprise inside...

A sideboard turned into linen storage/wine bar. Very clever and easy too.

What great color...

Read more how to's here...

All images courtesy of LHJ.


  1. I love that little workspace!......I have a great armoire in the garage that didn't fit anywhere in my little townhouse!!..hmmmm!!

  2. Love that blue sideboard. Just gorgeous and it holds so much stuff. Great idea.

  3. I'm having Cablevision here tomorrow to install a TV (yes, I've been without one for quite a while!) and that blue console would be the perfect thing to put it on - I've been going around my house looking for the right thing and not finding it!

  4. I love a great armoire makeover!
    Sorry I haven't been by in a while... I'll spend some time catching up... love that gourd and berries wreath in the previous post (even tho I'm not quite ready yet for fall!)

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