falling water 2

American architect Frank Lloyd Wright designed Fallingwater in 1934 for Edward J. Kaufmann Sr., founder of Kaufmann's Department Store. Fallingwater is located about 50 miles Southeast of Pittsburg and is part of the Pittsburg Metro Area. Fallingwater was built over a waterfall and is listed among Smithsonian magazine’s “Life List” of 28 places to visit before it’s too late.

Regular tours offer an hour guided tour of the house for $18. Insight Onsite is a new program where visitors will spend one full day and two evenings at the residence, enjoying the house as it was intended. The new program comes with a slightly higher fare of $1,195.00. Read more here



Enjoy the beautiful surroundings.


Wouldn’t it be nice to lounge around and visit here.

I wish I was spending MY weekend here.

Enjoy the weekend.

Here’s to a lovely one.

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  1. A bunch of architects and design geeks would be in heaven! And if they split the cost eight ways, it would be more than worth it!

  2. Oh I know. I would definately do it, if I could only find seven others to go with me. ;)


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