La Ronda's Tragic Story

La Ronda is the final work of architect Addison Mizner and dates back to 1929.

Today could be the start of it's final days.

The permit to demolish this historic property falls into the hands of the new property owner today.

The new owner plans to demolish the home despite numerous offers from preservationists to move it to another location.

It is being replaced with a 10,000 sq ft McMansion. Unbelieveable!

Images courtesy of Palm Beach Daily News


  1. Janet - how can that be? I find that criminal. Stories such as that make me sad...phooey with those ugly ass Mc Mansions!

  2. I don't know why the new owner won't let someone else move it if he's just going to demo it. It's mind boggeling.

  3. So sad. Not to only see this house go, but worse, knowing there are people who have this level of disregard to history and the community. I hate to think what a soulless person thinks is beautiful.

  4. Incredible; even if the new owner wants nothing to do with it, the offers to move it seem entirely reasonable.
    This is such a shame. I'm shocked that residential building codes can be so strict, and yet this can occur. How???

  5. somehow i remember this story, probably read it on your blog last week. That is so tragic. Addsion Mizner was very influential in Dallas architecture.


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