I Wish My Initials Were BB

Two very talented women share their creative spaces with Traditional Home magazine.

Barbara Barry's Los Angeles Office.

“My office is white and clean and without decoration--a blank canvas on which to create,” says Barbara. The only must-have items in the office? Fresh flowers from the garden. Open space. And sunlight--plenty of sunlight."... ( Traditional Home)

Bobbi Brown's New Jersey "think tank"...

"Bobbi designed the space in tandem with her husband, developer Steven Plofker. While Bobbi Brown headquarters remains in New York (the line is now owned by Estée Lauder, though Bobbi retains creative control), she currently spends three days a week at this think tank, retail space, and “education center” for the brand. Not only does the arrangement allow her to work in a space that sparks her creativity, it also makes it possible for her to be close to home and her three sons."... (Traditional Home)

"Outside, a tiny garden blooms-like a glimpse of an Italian villa on an urban terrain. It's just one of the considerate touches for employees, along with perks such as healthful office snacks and on-site visits by a manicurist and stylist. "The people who work for me get to share a better lifestyle here," Bobbi notes"... (Traditional Home)

What great work environment's.

Images courtesy of
Traditional Home.


  1. Where the heck have I been? I did not know Bobbi Brown was purchased by Estee Lauder. Wow... Those two B's are great women indeed. Lovely office spaces to aspire to. All the best to you Janet!

  2. I see now why you crave B's so much ;) Lovely post. I haven't seen those bottles with rubber caps in a while. I have become a bottle junkie lately :)

  3. Ooh, never mind working at Bobbi Brown's office, I could be quite happy living there!

  4. I agree with Struggler--Bobbi Brown's office is big enough to live in! Love it.


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