Easy Seasonal Wreaths

How to make it: Collect several dozen ball ornaments (for an 18-inch form, we used 28 large balls and 60 small ones). Attach the balls to the wreath with floral wire until most of the greenery is covered. Then use heavy wire to make a hanging loop and camouflage it with a wide satin ribbon. Note: If your wreath will sit in a high-traffic area, you might want to opt for shatterproof balls... from Quick and Simple.

How to make it: For this wreath, you can use whatever variety of dried herbs, flowers and pinecones you prefer. To re-create our version, wire your wreath with assorted small bundles of aromatics, such as heather and lavender. Then accent the wreath with wired clusters of hypericum berries. Fill in the design by hot-gluing several pinecones to the greens. Finish with a small flourish of lemongrass, eucalyptus and three small artichokes. Wire all together and top with a floppy satin bow in magenta... from Quick and Simple.

How to make it: Use a floral pin to attach one end of a 6-foot silk leaf and berry garland to the back of a 16-inch grapevine wreath. Then, tightly wrap the garland until the wreath is covered. Cut off any excess and pin the loose end to the back. To add even more bursts of color, pop the heads off several silk blooms and hot-glue them to your wreath... from Quick and Simple.

All are super easy to make. Easy = fun!

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  1. They are gorgeous Jan, I love the wreath of Christmas baubles, but I'd never have the patience to make it! I think the second one I have more of a chance with ;) Thanks for sharing x


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