Recycled Homes

My sister in-law thought I might enjoy this guys story. I thought you might enjoy it as well.

Dan Phillips is the owner of Phoenix Commotion. Phoenix Commotion is the construction company Dan founded in 1997. Dan's company builds homes for low income families and uses only recycled materials. 80 percent of his homes are built out of materials salvaged from other construction projects. So far he has built 14 homes in Huntsville, more here...

...the "windows" are recycled Pyrex plates...

...a variety of different colored roofing material...

...a mosaic of broken and mismatched tile...

...ceiling made of picture frames...


All images courtesy of NY Times.


  1. Dan is my hero. What a tremendous man for providing homes to those less fortunate. He's being environmentally and socially responsible. The home shown is clever and gorgeous. How cool!! Thanks Janet for sharing & hope to see them for myself if I ever get to Huntsville.

    Hope you've recovered from your turkey!

  2. Total kudos to him! Not just for creating some very attractive homes, but for taking the extra trouble to use reclaimed materials, which I'm sure are often trickier and less predictable to work with than standard supplies.

  3. This builder has a great eye for design, I love the roof super cool!


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