Getting Organized

With the new year comes new ideas. I am purging my home of years of accumulation, some good, some bad, some just plain junk. Filing cabinets full of papers, old insurance policies, kids school stuff, etc... Why so much paper? I have to stop to until tomorrow as my recycling bins are full. Crazy, Yes?

So I thought I would stop for a moment and share some pretty examples for organizing your "stuff". Enjoy, I have to get back to work.

More organizing tips at BHG.


  1. Yes, decluttering is "job one" around here right now. And putting the Christmas tree away would be a good first step I think.
    So busy these last few weeks I think I neglected to stop by and wish you a Happy New Year. And I see that we used the same image in recent posts... the white kitchen hutch against a yellow wall. Great minds and all that :)

  2. Paper is a huge enemy of mine, too. It's pretty much all been filed, but I never open those old files to question why I'm keeping a piano tuning invoice from 2003 :)

  3. Beautiful snaps - I love the inspiration. My office has become the junk room for our house and my New Year's Resolution is to get it cleaned out and organized!

    Thanks for visiting "The Devine Home" and for leaving a comment and letting me know you stopped by. I appreciate it and look forward to visiting again.

    Diana ;o)

  4. I like the pics you posted! Good luck on your organizing... I'm right with ya on that this January! BTW... linking back to you in my upcoming post... check back in tomorrow!

  5. Love the closet pic! How can I get mine to look that good? I believe having beautiful things/holders/packaging makes staying organized a pleasure. Since my closet isn't as beautiful as your pic, I'll assume that's why my closet is a mess! Ha!


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