Things I Know

Things I Know… (in no particular order)

I must stop eating cheeseburgers.
I love my all white walls.
I have made mistakes.
I love my family.
I love to read.

Things To Do…

Lose 20 pounds.
Make amends.
Spend quality time with my kids.
Manage reading material.

Things To Keep Plugging Away At…

Eating clean.
Eradicating procrastination.
Letting go.
Learn daily.
The project…

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  1. Weird. It's like you're reading my mind. Except for the cheeseburger part. I really can't see that happening in my life. :)
    Missed meeting you at the Rose Bowl yesterday. Some other time, yes?
    And I assume there will be more about "the project" later? Very mysterious.


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