Purple and Gold Decor...

Um...cuz...well, you know.

Photo credit Gaita Interiors

Photo credit Country Living

Photo credit here

Photo credit Westwood Wallpaper

Have a great weekend!!


  1. Wouldn't it be grand to throw caution to the wind (& what a man thinks) & slap on a dark purple hue on the walls?! Great photos Janet.

    Have a good, libation filled weekend : )

  2. I want that top room, but I think I might have to get divorced to get it ;) Just gorgeous xx

  3. Beautiful blog!!!
    Honestly I enjoyed reading your blog.
    You have a lot of style.
    Of course I immediately signed up as your new Google followers and will continue to accompany you.
    Drop one to my blog, I believe you will find something for yourself:)
    I am sending you a nice greeting from the Croatian


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