~~WARNING~~There will be ranting here today.

So upscale baby stores, designer strollers, professional photo shoots, etc... not enough? Now designer disposable diapers! Really?!

Do we need to send the message earlier now? You have to have the better brand. It needs to cost more. They are better because they have Cynthia Rowley prints on them. (I have nothing against Cynthia Rowley, she just happens to be the designer they used)

..."Popular designer Cynthia Rowley has designed 11 styles of Pampers, including pastels, stripes, madras and ruffles. P&G said Wednesday they'll be offered in Target Corp. stores beginning in mid-July."...

Oh, they are selling them at Target, it must be okay!? Target wouldn't sell something I shouldn't have.

..."Prettier diapers will be pricier. A pack of about two dozen of the toddler-size diapers will have a suggested retail price of $15.99, about $6 above plainer versions."...

$6 more a box! 24 diapers will last, what, two or three days? (I may be off a bit, I haven't had a baby around in about 11 years) So that's $18 to $24 extra a week for designer diapers. You are going to spend about $1000. a year for "designer" diapers, because if you don't buy them you are doing your child an injustice. They are the exact same diaper as regular Pampers, just the outer design is different, they DO NOT perform any better. I can't wait to see people buying these with public assistance money!! You can then, watch me totally lose my mind.

I have a suggestion, put some f#$%ing pants on your kid, no one will know what kind of diapers they are wearing. Oh, and while you are at it, wash their face, dress them in something other than pajamas and stop letting them suck on the shopping basket handle.


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  1. Luscious diapers.
    We have to fix them but we have a great three years:)
    Sunny greetings from see,
    Zondra Art

  2. Because women don't have enough to worry about/pay for *sigh* daft idea x


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