Kitchen Evolution

A very interesting New York Times article on the evolution of the kitchen, sparked my ever revolving mind into yet another Google search. My searches turned into hours of perusing pictures of kitchens through the decades. Instead of throwing away that time I thought I would share it with you.

Here are some iconic kitchens of the past.

A 1950's kitchen. I swear we had that kitchen table and chairs for years. No, I was NOT alive in the 50's, but my mom was a saver, she used every thing to the bitter end and that stuck around through the 60's, gawd, maybe even the 70's.

1960's kitchen with the plastic-y counter tops and metal lip/trim thing-y. Yikes.

Yes! The iconic 70's kitchen. Formica, linoleum, gold, green, stripes, head is spinning. Aaarrgh!

Aw yes. The 1980's kitchen. With the "headbanger" upper cabinets above the counter top bar. How many times have you hit your head on one of those? This is one of the easiest, and I would suppose, most popular, kitchen remodel "removals". These upper cabinets, pass-thru and pony walls are easily updated, just take them out!

What was your favorite era?

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