DIY Beaded Chandelier

This Marjorie Skouras chandelier has been seen in every design magazine and blog around. Deservedly so, it is gorgeous. It's made of precious stones and it's very expensive. It comes in several different color combo's, I love them all.

This one is my favorite. But they are all far out of my financial reach. Soooo....

DIY to the rescue. Check out this great tutorial from
A Penny Saved Blog
. You can make your own custom chandelier.

Check out another tutorial on how to make the same chandelier. The best part, it's made from dollar store material.

Another Dollar Store DIY chandelier. This one's a little lighter and dainty, totally different look. I like it too.

I can't wait to make these, I don't know what I am going to do with them, but I really want to put a couple together.


  1. Hi Janet - I'm with you, the Skouras chandelier is gorgeous in any color. Great DIY projects. If you give it a go, please tell us all how it goes. Hoping you all had a great Labor Day weekend?( : deb

  2. These are absolutely gorgeous! Fun DIY project too. Thanks for sharing. Please check out my blog, bagpoor.com!


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