Dining "Rooms"?

Dining "rooms" take on all sorts of personalities.

Some of us dine in the kitchen, some in a formal setting and some in between. Some of us have loads of space and could include ballroom dancing with our dining experience, and some may share space with two or three other areas.

What ever your situation it can always be a pleasurable experience. Take a look at some very different examples.

 C O B U R N - A R C H I T E C T U R E  contemporary dining room
Dining/Living Room modern dining room

Kathleen Burke Design traditional dining room

West Chelsea Loft modern dining room
...not a dining room exactly, but I love this buffet.

Details contemporary dining room
Contemporary dining room design

We dine at a table set up similar to this. Ours is NOT leather (just plain ole wood), I have a total aversion to leather seating, though I am going out to purchase a garden stool now that I have seen this.

What is your dining style? Casual, formal or something in between?

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