My Take On Tanks

embellished wife beater tanks

I made embellished some new tanks for myself this weekend.  I have a hard time finding tanks that I like. I am kind of picky, not the designer/brand name kind of picky, but the neurotic OCD kind of picky  It seems like the only tanks I find are either the skin tight, back fat showing ones or the poufy grandma Garanimals.  

So what is my solution?  Men's Fruit Of The Loom Wife Beaters and a little bit of fancy-in' up. 

. I must say I am quite  surprised at the positive feedback I am receiving.  I have had several friends say they thought they were really cute, but I just chalked that up to friends being nice. In the last few days, I have received several inquires about purchasing them, and three different girl friends said I should make and sell them.  
embellished womens tank tops

These are super easy to make if you have the supplies on hand, in fact, I think maybe I will show you all how to make your own.  Maybe this will be my first published sewing tutorial, actually it could be non-sewing tutorial, you can actually make these without sewing a stitch. 
I'll get back to you on that. 

Enjoy your Sunday!

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