My New Umbrella, Ella Ella Ella, Stand

So these things.

One day, not long ago, I found out my husband tossed these things out at work.

Of course, I requested he bring home every one he could find. I had visions of grandeur for these babies. I was gonna recreate every cable reel pin I had ever pinned on Pinterest.

Well, I got busy with other things and they just ended up stacked up everywhere, and the ones in the "man cave" were gonna have to go. I begged for a reprieve and was granted one.

But still, there they sat, unfinished and gathering dust and spider webs...until last weekend.

Alas, I would love to take credit, but this was my husbands genius idea.

I think they look great. I think I will just seal them so they don't rot and let them weather otherwise.

They are super sturdy, thank goodness, as we live in the SoCal windsuck and everything that is not nailed down gets blown over.

Have a nice holiday. Enjoy the weekend under your umbrella, ella ella ella...

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