Happy Birthday Taylor!!


Hope you have a great birthday. I love you! I can not believe you are legally an adult.
It seems like you were just a baby, time goes by so quickly.

I hope all you girls know how to wear your underwear now.
You have all become beautiful women.

For those who don't know Taylor, she is the one in front with the white shirt on. Cute aren't they?

Enjoy your birthday, I love you!


  1. Great Picture!!! Can you believe how big they are? My baby girl 18??? What does that make me? Never mind, I know the answer. The blog is coming along well.
    Love K

  2. Thanks Jan!
    Hahaa that picture's disgusting,
    but i love you :)
    you've been a second mom to me ALL eighteen years!
    ha what fun you've had right?!
    haha you have had to put up with a lot of things morgan and pull.
    & dont forget YOU LOVED TAKING US SHOPPING with you ;)
    thanks for the blog!

    you'll be GREAT at interior design, i can tell its what your meant to do :)
    ..look at your house? beautiful.
    love you!
    love, your second daughter.


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