Something to do this weekend

Make this really cute Halloween tree.

It requires minimal supplies and after Halloween you can decorate it for Thanksgiving and Christmas using the same concept and a couple of more seasonal items.

Put some of your old Altoids tins to use. This is rather funny, but creative.

Make a cupcake jack o lantern cake. So easy and kind of cute.

or just go shopping.

Crate and Barrel
Have fun what ever you do...


  1. I love the Halloween tree - how cute!

    Have a lovely weekend :)

  2. What cool things! I've seen people frost cupcakes all together like that before. They say it's much easier than doing each one by itself. Have a great weekend. :)

  3. I saw the altoids one and thought it was great. I have thought about making a tree to decorate for every season. Great ideas.

  4. I love the Halloween tree! My kids will love to make that. Altoid tin stash...that's hilarious. Did you see the guitar you can make from an Altoid tin?!!!

  5. What great ideas Janet! Love the cupcake jack o lantern cake!

    Hope YOU have a Happy Weekend also! xo

  6. I want one of those cupcakes with baking it myself!
    Doyou sell Slipada Jewelry... it is nice... we have a lady selling it in our store on special occasions.

  7. Love the cupcake pumpkin, the hurricane glass and candle, and are you going to make the tree? I love it!!

  8. Hi all
    I like the cupcake-cake too cuz I'm a lazy baker. It's easy a you look creative by making it.

    I may tackle the tree at christmas time. Maybe make it silver and white?

    Fifi~~my sister-in-law sells the Silpada jewelry. I like it cuz it's sterling, they have some nice stuff.

    Have a great weekend ladies!


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