Project Update

Well, I still haven't found exactly what I need to complete my project.

However, I think you can see by this picture the outcome I am looking for. These will be little "presents" to decorate our Christmas tree, just hook the hanger through the ribbon on the back and hang.
I cut out 3 and 4 inch cardboard squares, 50 each. I will be wrapping tiny little presents for a few days. When I find the right color raffia ribbon I will tie them all up. They will share space with white "snowball"garland and opalescent white lights.
For now I am off to another Michael's to find the correct ribbon.

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  1. Hey Jan, this is a great idea.

    I used the Clinique boxes that my makeup come in and any small box that came my way to decorate under the tree, I swapped them out with the the real packages Christmas Eve. :D


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