Holiday Lighting

What is au courant in the holiday lighting world?

LED's-Light Emitting Diodes are semiconductors used to create light. There are other types of Solid State Lights ("SSL,") but LED's are the most relevant for general illumination.

When you select energy-efficient lighting, you:
• Save a lot of money;
• Reduce the need for additional power plants;
• Reduce greenhouse gases and other pollution; and,
• Are able to use lighting in ways you never thought possible

Here are some interesting non-traditional designs:
...oooo like diamond!

...and in color

I sense a jewelry theme here.

...some purple, they come in gold as well for the Laker fan, maybe?

...and this is just weird. I didn't even know they made black-light holiday lights!

Light images and info courtesy of Environmental Lights


  1. Oh I *love* LED's so much, we bought some that look like the diamonds at the weekend and I've strung them across the mantelpiece and they look lovely, very festive :) Thanks for sharing! x

  2. Those strings of beads are really pretty and yeah, weird....black-lights!


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