DIY Chair

Almost every home has one or more of these around, if not, they are abundant at thrift stores and yard sales. Quick and Simple shows you how to re-upholster the seat in you favorite fabric.

What You'll Need:
yard fabric (choose something durable)
staple gun
1/4-inch staples

1. Unscrew the seat from the chair (there will most likely be a screw in each corner of the seat, attaching it to the frame). Save the screws.

2. Lay the seat on the fabric. Fold the fabric so that it wraps around the edges of the seat, enough to cover the top. Note how much fabric you'll need, and then cut a square of fabric about 2 inches larger all around.

3. Place the fabric, wrong side facing you, on your worktable. Place the seat, top side down, on the fabric. Fold the fabric to cover the seat and secure it to the back with a staple placed about 1 inch in from the seat's edge, in the center of the front side. Then pull the fabric taut across the seat and staple it to the opposite side.

4. Continue to staple around the edge of the seat, smoothing the fabric flat and creating small pleats as necessary. (As you work, mark the places where the screws go into the seat so that you will be able to align the seat on the frame.)

5. When you reach the corners, fold the fabric down, creating two pleats so that it lies flat. Using scissors, cut away as much of the excess fabric as you can, then staple down the pleats. It doesn't need to be perfect, as this part of the chair will be hidden.

6. Place the seat back on the chair and screw it back into place with the original screws.


  1. A simple yet effective project! Nice post :)

  2. I used to buy every chair at every yard sale I saw. I need to do that now so I can make them pretty.

  3. YOU are soooo right a little change of fabric and you have a new chair!
    Congratulations on winning my Chair Competition... painting away the day to get them completed.
    ENJOY your day!


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