Back To School Weekend

The boy with the big brain goes back to school on Monday. We will be meeting the new teacher today.

AND we/I will be putting together the first day of school outfit.

Remember that?

I really had that yellow vest with the ruffled armholes in Jr. High, I did NOT wear plaid pants though. I think for girls, first day of school outfits are exciting, maybe not so much for boys.

What was your favorite back to school outfit?

Here's to a new school year and a quiet house.

Enjoy the weekend!


  1. In England most children have to wear school uniform unfortunately! So mine was always the same black skirt, red and white shirt, black and red striped blazer with the school logo etc...
    Boring really!

  2. the gardeners cottageAugust 30, 2009 at 5:02 PM

    Hi Janet,

    Since I went to Catholic school, I always wore a uniform. But unlike Polly above, I loved mine. Black & white tiny houndstooth print skirt, white blouse w/peter pan collar, red sweater and black and white oxfords. No wonder I love black and white so much. I would love to find a pair of black and white oxfords. Maybe ebay? Thanks for bringing back memories.



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