Fall Decor Inspiration

Do you ever misplace your seasonal decor from one year to the next? I did.

I started my progressive fall season decor the other day and I can not quite locate all of my decorations. I apparently stored them in two separate locations last year. So today the search continues.

I may have to replace my "missing" items with some things from this display.

Fall decor from Pottery Barn.

Images courtesy of Pottery Barn.


  1. Don't you love fall? Such great examples why decorating for Autumn is so terrific. Love it Janet : )

  2. I love these decorations and yes, I too always misplace things and end up buying more! Not good when I am going for a less is more attitude!! LOL

  3. "The Boss" throws everything out. He may have went on a cleaning spree and isn't fessing up. ;)


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