Fall Table Decor on the Cheap

Today I updated some of my Etsy store photos to reflect the up coming changing of the seasons. 

I love the colors of Fall. My home decor is mostly fall colors orange/red/gold, I just recently covertly added some hot pink into the mix in the living room. 
I am loving it. 

Any who, what I really wanted to share with you are the cheap and simple ways I style my photos. I like to change out the small things in my home often, replacing  small decor and accessories for the changing seasons and  the little holidays. 

All the items in the above photo were either free or from the Dollar Tree
Twigs/Branches = Free from yard
Pine cones = Free from neighbors yard. 
Fall leaves = $1. a bag Dollar Tree.
River rock pebbles = $1. a bag Dollar Tree.
Floral  in vase = $1. a bunch Dollar Tree.
Red vase = Free from last years birthday flowers.

 Home Goods Ala Carte place mat and silverware combo. 
Tie them up and stack them in a basket for buffet style dining. 

Here is a crepe paper leaf I personalized with the trusted Sharpie
You could use them as place cards by just adding your guests names to them. 
Large Fall leaves = Package of 10 for $1. at Dollar Tree.

Here I added a manila hang tag with a stamped message. 
Any office supply store stocks these type tags for about $5. for a ton. 
Stamp from the dollar bin at Michaels.

The stems on the leaves are wire so you can bend and wrangle them to do what you want.
Here I used one as a substitute for a napkin ring.
By the way, the grapevine wreath that the plate is sitting in is from the Dollar Tree as well.

I even gave my business card a change of scenery. 

So there you go. 
Go out and spend a couple of bucks and spruce up a little area. 
It's fun. 

My shameless disclaimer/plug: All table linens in photos can be purchased at Home Goods Ala Carte.
Thanks for visiting. 

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