I promised some color, so here, some color and commentary.
Color is the first thing we notice, and elicits a psychological and emotional response. Knowing the ways in which people respond to color can be a powerful marketing and design tool.

Today's color is GREEN.
Green is the color of life and nature. There are many different greens. People's response can drastically change depending on the value (how light or dark a color appears), as well as the context in which the color is utilized.
Dark greens are classifying colors and therefore, only a limited number of people respond positively. Only 3% of the population responds favorably to dark blue-green, but it is the upper socio-economic 3% of the population.
Hmmm, one could only hope to have some green rooms to design in their future.

References: Carlton Wagner, Director of the Wagner Institute for Color Research, Chicago IL Faber Birren, The power of color: how it can reduce fatigue, relieve monotony, enhance sexuality, and more.

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