Yesterday, as I was trolling one of my favorite online bargain stores (, I came upon this.

I was immediately hit with a brain storm (yes, I think my loopy melon has recovered from the heat).

I CAN collect chairs, just not the one's you sit in. I will collect prints, photos, tear outs, what ever, and hang them on my walls! My own chair museum, it's not like the job offers were rolling in to work at the real? chair museum anyway.

I have a 20 foot ceiling in my living room/office/workspace and have agonized for years over what to do with all the negative wall space. I'm not real keen on climbing around on a 20 ft ladder, but that's a sacrifice I will have to make to be the curator of the chair museum.

Side note: Karen this would look delightful with the bench you liked a few posts back. Something for your new home??


  1. Jan, I love it. I will be moving soon. move in date 8/2/08.
    I'll call you.
    Love K

  2. Check out Anne over at Annechovie, I refer to her as the "Chairmaster!" We are blogging artist buddies.
    Tell her Patricia sent you to take a royal seat!

  3. oh my gosh. How have I been missing Annechovie? Great blog!


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